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This blog has been designed to be a stealth host of resources to help people looking for:

  • Abortion services (procedure and pharmacological)
  • Gender-affirming care
  • Mail-order pharmacy including birth control
  • Mental health services
  • Services that don’t require insurance
  • Other things as I add them
On the surface, this will just be a generic travel blog in which I’ll regularly post pictures of interesting places and things so that it won’t be suspicious if viewed in public or saved to Favorites. Be warned that external links WILL still show in your search history, so please take precautions if you don’t feel safe having that information stored. 

“Traveling” in this blog refers to any person who is searching for resources, especially resources for sensitive or taboo concerns such as abortion services, gender-affirming care, or mental health services. If you are not currently a traveler, please keep this blog in mind in case if you ever do need to travel, or if you have loved ones who need to travel.

The compilation of resources that will be amassed here is largely due to the tireless efforts of those before me, and I’ll do my best to credit them appropriately.

The world has become an even darker place as of late, but through our combined forces and compassion we may yet manifest a brighter tomorrow. If you have resources you would like added, please contact me, especially regarding services outside of the U.S.  If you find that a particular resource needs to be edited, please contact the creator of that resource.

Safe travels!

-Cabin Leader

Misc. Notes and Instructions

There will be several Quick Home buttons located on each sensitive page that will take you to the safer facade of this blog (featuring generic posts and pictures of actual traveling, and no mention of abortion care, gender-affirming care, SA survivor resources, etc). I plan on trying to find a way to turn the Escape key into an actual Escape button, that, when pushed, instantly takes you to a safe website and deletes this blog from your history (a great example can be seen on

Why all the secrecy? Some people may be in a degree of danger if it's discovered that they've been researching the topics covered in this blog. This danger could range from relatively minor (such as embarrassment) to extremely severe (such as physical harm or death). Others may just not like it when people get too nosey about what they're browsing. Whatever the case, I will try to make this blog as safe of a resource as I can for those who need it.

Each Post (Posts are the front page facade featuring the generic travel blog entries) will have a "spice rating" to indicate how strict or open a place is to abortion:
  • Cool Ranch - the location is fairly open regarding abortions
  • Nacho Cheese - the location has more restrictions regarding abortions
  • Flamin' Hot - the location is very strict regarding abortions
Each Page (Pages are located on the sidebar of this blog) will have a coded title, which I will document here:
  • Abortion Services = Adding Side Quests
    • Includes resources on mail-order abortifacients, abortion clinics, and other info
  • Domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor resources = Daring Survival Advice
    • Includes apps, educational resources, hotlines, legal support, and more
  • Gender-Affirming Care = Gear and Camping
    • Includes resources on HRT, surgical options, and gender marker and name changes
  • Tips on how to safely research sensitive topics = Leave Only Footprints
    • Includes advice on how to research safely, including how to delete browser history, privately browse, email and social media safety, etc
  • Mail-Order Pharmacy = Maps o Plenty
    • Includes resources on treatments for ADHD, anxiety, depression, general injury/trauma, general wellness, abortifacients, gender-affirming care, birth control, and more
  • Mental Health = Modest Hotels
    • Includes online and in-person resources for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more
  • Sterilization Resources = Sailing 'Round
    • Includes lists of providers who are more likely to offer sterilization to people, even if they don't have children or are under a certain age
  • Flyers and Handouts = Word Travels Fast!
    • This page is home to QR code flyers that can be shared online or printed and handed out, as well as just the plain QR code if you would like to make your own. For now, the flyers are on the page as giant images until I get them available as downloadable files, so PLEASE be mindful of who is around you if you don’t feel comfortable having these topics prominently displayed on your screen 
To-Do List

Things I'd like to add to this blog (ideas welcome!) :
  • Escape button redirecting to safe site and deleting history
  • Adding travel-related pictures to the pages to help them blend in more to onlookers
  • Pages with info on:
    • Understanding basic health insurance
    • Telehealth resources
    • Mental health-specific resources
    • Youth-specific resources

Questions? Comments? Resources to share?
Send an email to:

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